【家长说】高标准对应高要求,在斐特思真正实现快乐成长 | Parent Interview



Parents are the first educators, tuned in and focused on the growth of their child. When a child is making progress,they must be the first to perceive and recognise it. As the first term at Fettes College Guangzhou, comes to an end, we specially invited Mr. Zhang, Chairman of the FCG Parents and Friends Association and the father of Alice, as the parent representative to give us feedback on the growth of his daughter during her first term at school.




The Interview of Alice's Father

大家好,我是Alice的爸爸,从事金融及综合商业工作。 I am Alice's father, and I work in finance and general business.
您和孩子的关系是怎样的?您认为您和Alice妈妈的教育方式是怎样的? What is your relationship with Alice? How do you describe your parenting style, alongside Alice's mother?
关系非常好,因为我非常爱她,她也非常爱我。她在家的日常行为特点是只要与游戏玩乐有关就找我,生活行为就找妈妈。我认为我们的教养方式是高要求高回应型的,就是上周园长的关于教养方式工作坊所说的权威型吧!我们对Alice有很高的期望,对她衣食住行、生活习惯、学习习惯都有很高的要求,我们会用孩子能听懂的方式跟她沟通。同时当孩子有任何需求时或者有各种天马行空的问题时,我们都会用孩子能理解的方式给与及时的回应。 The relationship is very strong with Alice as we love her very much. At home, when it is related to games and fun, Alice will come to me and her mother supports and cares for her with her daily life. I think our parenting method is filled with high expectations with highly responsive communication, which is the ‘authoritative parenting style’ mentioned by the Head of the Early Years during the Parent Workshop last week. We have high expectations for Alice, such as her standard of nutrition, clothing, housing, living habits, and study habits. We will communicate with her in a way that she can understand. At the same time, when Alice has any needs or various unconstrained questions, we will respond in a timely manner in a way that she can comprehend.




What do you care most about your child's campus life?


Regarding Alice’s’ school life, I pay the most attention to safety, health, happiness and her learning knowledge. We want Alice to have a holistic approach in her education, be happy and independent.




Why did you choose FCG among many schools?



The reasons are very simple: I have known about the excellent background of the school, the staff and the facilities. 2. When I met with the school leaders and teachers, they gave me a strong sense of trust and confidence in what they are achieving with Alice and the other students.




·At present, Alice has been enrolled in Fettes College Guangzhou for one term. Have you noticed any growth and changes in Alice?



This has been tremendous! We have observed a lot of growth and change, for example, Alice is always happy and willing to go to school. I want to thank you all for this! Every child must be very dependent on their parents, but she can separate from us and integrate into the school life very well. Alice was very excited the day before school started and got up at five o'clock in the morning! From these observation we can tell that the Early Years team in Fettes College Guangzhou has worked hard to “create a reliable education filled with fun learning environments” for pupils. Only when the body and mind are happy can children be willing to learn. Emotions are everything, and we will try our best to create a pleasant atmosphere for her when we are with her. I am actually a very demanding person, but I will pay attention to speaking with Alice in a gentle tone and at her level.

In addition, I have found that her Language & Communication has developed immensely. She often says words that surprise us, such as "too perfect!" or some conjunctions, prefixes and her vocabulary bank of casual everyday words is growing daily. The words are very accurate and fit the context at the time. I also found that she will imagine different games, creative scenes when at home and immerse herself in different roles. We notice a lot of self-talk and a lot of language expression. Our child's language expression and imagination are indeed advancing by leaps and bounds. Alice has learned to care for people around her in school and enjoys helping take care of the little siblings or neighbours.




What do you think is excellent home-school cooperation?






Excellent home-school cooperation should be:

At the beginning of the school year, the school should give parents a clear expected student learning goal for the semester, and then the staged small goal based on this goal.

The school is responsible for completing the professional teaching, parents should be responsible for the auxiliary work to complete the teaching goals, according to the school’s guidelines.

The school takes the lead to establish an effective home-school communication channel which allows parents to obtain and feedback the students' situation inside and outside the school.

I think the Early Years school has done a very good job in coordinating the communication and building a bridge between home and school.




Fettes College Guangzhou have organised various home-school activities, inclding parent-child activities, parent-teacher meetings, parent workshops, etc. Every time you and Alice’s mother are very active in participating; are these activities helpful to you?
首先感谢园方很重视家长工作,每次活动都很认真,也很有体系。无论是熟悉或者不熟悉的主题,我们都很乐意来参加。因为所有的家校活动都是有针对性、逻辑性和实践性的,肯定对孩子目前阶段的发展是很有帮助的。我们对家庭教育有大概的自我认知,但是这些认知是碎片化的,参加了这些工作坊后让我们能将碎片化的知识串起来,连接起来,对家庭教育的方方面面有了更全面系统的认知。这些活动都非常好,这也是为什么我一定要来参加这些活动。而且一定是和Alice妈妈两个人一起来参加,因为只有同频学习,才能够更好的同频培养好Alice。如果不同频就很难保证教育的效果。 First of all, I would like to thank Fettes College Guangzhou Early Years for attaching great importance to the work of parents. Every activity is very serious and systematic. Whether it is a familiar or unfamiliar subject, we are very happy to participate. All home-school activities are targeted, logical and practical, they are definitely helpful to the pupil's current development. We have a general self-awareness of family education but this cognition is fragmented. After participating in these workshops, we can string together and connect the fragmented knowledge and have a more comprehensive system for all aspects of family education. These activities are brilliant, which is why I must come to participate in these events. It must be together with Alice's mother because only by learning at the same pace can Alice develop. If it we use different approaches to home and school life, it is difficult to guarantee the effect of education.




For those families who are considering coming to FCG , do you have anything to say to them?

1. 拥有国际视野,建立国际价值观;

2. 对国际人文个性化观念的适应,强调尊重个体,与不同价值观的人相处是和谐的,而不是“谁对谁错”的原则;

3. 对于知识的学习是基于社会适应能力为主导,而不是以升读全国统一高考为第一优先的;


There is no one school suitable for all children, all children learn different and we need to recognise this. Even if it is the No.1 school in the world, some children need more. I think children who want to enter FCG should have the following orientation to ensure they succeed:

1.Have an international vision and be ready to establish international values.

2.Adapt to the individual concept of international humanities, emphasise respect for the individual and get along with people who may have different values in harmony, rather than, the principle of "who is right and who is wrong".

3.Learning knowledge is based on social adaptability as the leading factor, rather than the priority of entering the unified national college entrance examination.

4.After graduation, the child is determined to live and work globally.




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