诞生于爱,寄希望于全球 | Fettes History and Present



In the mid-nineteenth century, Sir William Fettes donated his wealth to help poor children and orphans, after his only son died of illness, so that they could have access to education. After his death, so as to commemorate Sir Fettes and his contribution to education, Fettes College was founded.



Today, after 150 years, Fettes established their only overseas campus in China. We hope that the students at Fettes College Guangzhou can continue to display the benevolent heart of Sir Fettes, combining high-quality Chinese and Western education, and continue to write their own legends in all corners of the world. However, this has sent us a signal: the trend of international education. The world is currently in the post-pandemic era. For those families who want to receive international education and cannot go to study abroad, Fettes College Guangzhou is the best choice.



Our aim is to produce broadly educated young men and women, with the abilities and self-confidence to make a significant contribution to society. Our specially designed curriculum is a unique blend of the Chinese National Curriculum international educational programmes, together with the Fettes traditional curriculum. This leads to excellent qualifications in A-Levels or the IB, and provides the opportunities to access world-class universities.

*广州斐特思公学是国际文凭组织(IBO)小学课程/中学课程/文凭课程的候选学校。*Fettes College Guangzhou is a candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme / Middle Years Programme / Diploma Programme and pursuing authorization as an IB World School.

强强联合 智启未来

An Unique Collaboration


Today, both Groups have made outstanding achievements in the field of education. On the one hand, it is backed by [Bright Scholar], which has 27 years of rich international education experience, and on the other hand it integrates with the essence of 150 years of [Fettes College British]. [Fettes College Guangzhou] was born on a partnership between these two giants of education.




Four Key Features


与母校一脉相传的学院制 | House System


At Fettes College Guangzhou, both pupils and teachers are members of one of four houses. That way, in addition to their homeroom class, they are part of another family unit. Houses may complete with one another at sports or during other events, thus providing a focus for group loyalty.

独特的混龄寄宿模式 | Boarding System


The unique mixed-age college boarding allows students to choose the flexibility of day school or boarding. From childhood onwards, The unique approach is and our blended living and leaning model, which encourages friendship beyond age and gender and carries forward the tradition of internal competition by participation in various annual activities and clubs, enriching the student campus life.

人文心智关怀 | Pastoral Care


Pastoral care is what a school does to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of its pupils. This said, schools with high standards of pastoral care go far further than a basic commitment to welfare, with pastoral care extending to every aspect of school life in order to foster pupils’ growth. The pupils cultivate a family style house spirit as much as their academic progress.

特色语文学科 | Unique Chinese Programme


The goal of Fettes College Guangzhou is to build an internationalised school with Chinese characteristics. As an internationalised school rooted in China, the school focuses on pupils’ learning of traditional Chinese culture. Fettes College Guangzhou is characterized by large Chinese teaching, providing children with a bilingual and immersive learning environment. It is worth mentioning that the school’s characteristic Chinese subjects are led by Dr. John Zhang, who has research experience in many fields such as pedagogy, Chinese studies, psychology, and artificial intelligence, which brings different learning experiences, so that children can become global citizens people who integrate Chinese and English.


MINI University with High-standard Equipment


坐拥200亩!广州斐特思公学由世界著名建筑设计公司Broadway Malyan全球教育团队负责人Harry Hoodless领衔设计。集中英建筑人文底蕴、自然气息及未来感为一体,建筑群为“教”与“学”带来全新体验。

The 34 acre campus has been created and designed by the world renowned architectural design company Broadway Malyan and Harry Hoodless, Head of the global education team. Integrating the cultural heritage, natural atmosphere and sense of the future in British architecture. The building complex brings a fresh experience to teaching and learning.


Performing Arts Center



The Performing Arts Center will house a dedicated 800-seat concert hall and a smaller 350-seat theater. These theatres will allow children to step onto the stage, fully show their talents, and lay the foundation for becoming a global member of society.


Luxury Sports Faclities



The sports complex contains 2 heated swimming pools, 4 squash courts, a professional football field certified by FIFA, a professional basketball court certified by FIBA, a gymnasium, a training room, dance studio among others, allowing pupils to spend their spare time in an active way.


Smart Campus

一体化智能校园  Smart Campus


The classrooms are equipped with interactive teaching tablets to support teaching needs including electronic writing, video playback, projection, and screen projection. The campus has laboratories for programming, robotics, 3D printing, and many other projects.


FCG Brilliant Enrichment




用身体感知世界 精彩绝伦的课外拓展周&运动会

FCG家校合作的制胜法宝 双向的奔赴才是有意义的教育

【升学】世界招生程序:概览 | World Admissions Processes: An overview

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