斐特思幼儿园如何助力孩子立足于21世纪?| How the FCG EYS benefit from IB learning?



陈卓IB PYP协调员

 Zhuo Chen 陈卓

 FCG幼儿园 IB PYP协调员

 EY IB PYP Coordinator


 Master’s degree in teaching curriculum from Michigan state university


 Michigan standard teaching certificate


 International Professional Certification Association · International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate

 3年美国密歇根后Post Oak公立小学全科教师经验

 3 years of homeroom teacher experience in Post Oak Academy, Michigan, U.S.


 1 year of Chinese/ art teacher experience in ILBC international school in Yangon, Myanmar


What Curriculum is implemented in the Early Years School?


在斐特思公学幼儿园,我们实施英国早期教育课程EYFS,结合IB PYP国际课程。我们融合两种课程,吸收每一门课程的精髓,同时确保每一门课程的完整性。我们相信教育应该是每位学生的个人独特体验。我们的老师充分了解每个学生,根据每个孩子的兴趣和需求开展充分的差异化教学,鼓励学生按照自己的步调和发展水平学习,最大化每个学生的学习机会。我们所有的教学都在中英双语中完成–学生沉浸在双语环境中,并确保中文作为母语的学习和使用,让学生能自信的学习,成长。

In Fettes College Guangzhou-Early Years we are implementing EYFS framework, and we incorporate IB PYP ideals and teaching strategies to our teaching and learning. The two curriculums are carefully integrated into a whole. We absorb the essence of each course while ensuring the integrity of each one. Beyond the curriculum, we believe education should be an individual and unique experience for each student that enters school. Our teachers learn about each student as an individual and differentiate their lessons to meet the different needs. Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace and developmental level. We maximize the learning opportunities for each student within our unique curriculum. All of our teaching and learning is fully bilingual – we immerse the children into an environment of dual language and always ensure the children understand instructions in their home language to ensure they can access the teaching with confidence.


How does IB benefit students in Early Years?



IB aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring children with a globalised mindset. Inquiry-based learning enables children to develop a sense of curiosity and an understanding of the world around them as they engage through play. This links closely with our Fettes Mission – ‘Rooted in China, Globally Minded’. PYP focuses on building the students critical thinking skills and developing their ability to solve complex problems. At such an early stage of education, learning will only happen when students feel safe and cared for in the classroom. All our EY staff, ensure every student feels safe and cared for physically and mentally when they step into the building.





We have a very diverse and talented teaching team in Early Years. Teachers bring their value, experience, and expertise from different cultural backgrounds to share with our children. To ensure we equip our students with the latest information and approaches, teachers receive ongoing professional training every week. Everyone collaborates and cooperates together to design high-quality lessons for each child, based on key learning objectives and student’s interest.


How does IB benefit the future of children?


教育是通过向学生提供知识和技能来帮助他们更好的迎接未来,但是,没人知道未来50年会发生什么。但我们知道的是,我们的孩子将成为新世纪的主人。传统教育主要是向学生传递信息,我们现在处于信息时代,每天都淹没在大量的信息中,与获取信息相比,能区分信息并使用批判性思维技能进行解读更为重要。IB PYP旨在帮助学生掌握21世纪的技能。在这个瞬息万变的时代,我们需要做的全力以赴,教孩子们拥抱未来,维持内心的平衡。

Education is to provide students with the knowledge and the skills they need for their future, however, nobody knows what is going to happen in the next 50 years. What we know is that our little ones will be the mainstay of the new world. Traditional education is to deliver information to students. We are now in the time of information. We are overwhelmed by a large amount of information every day. Compared to acquiring information, it is more important to distinguish information and use critical thinking skills to interpret it. The IB PYP helps students acquire 21st century skills. In this ever-changing era, what we need to do, is focus and teach our children to embrace the future and maintain their inner balance.


How will do provide and deliver a high-quality curriculum ready for 21st century learning?



Our teacher-student ratio is 1:4. With such high-quality teacher-student ratio, we ensure that the needs of every student are met and the potential of every student will be discovered. Each class is equipped with interactive boards and iPads to help students receive the latest information and to experience a different learning style. In addition, we have a STEAM Lab, Carpentry workshop, bespoke Early Years Swimming Pool, and Theater, all of which enable premium education for our students.


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