Mr. Dan让我们对英语学习的兴趣像魔豆茎一样野蛮生长


“If we succeed in giving the love of learning, the learning itself is sure to follow.
爱上学习,才能够真正地学习。”——John Lubbock约翰. 鲁波克



Supporting children to start learning English as early as possible during the language development stages is one of the basics in Fettes College Guangzhou EY School.


The biggest motivation for learning is love and interests.



Mr. Dan是如何使孩子们爱上英语的呢?

As an EY Expat teacher, what does Mr. Dan do to make our children spark a love of English learning?


1. 多感官式学习体验 Multi-sensory Learning Experiences

Mr. Dan经常为孩子们寻找亲身实践、引人入胜的学习体验。例如用彩色橡皮泥制作单词或者从水中把字母“钓”出来,然后再将字母组合拼出单词。

Mr. Dan always tries to find hands-on, engaging experiences for children. Such as making the words with playdoh and fishing for the words in the water, and physically putting the individual letters together.


Again and again, research has shown that multi-sensory learning is the most effective for kids. When students move, touch, and experience, they learn better.


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. 给我讲过,我很快就忘记;给我讲解,我会记住;让我参与,我才真正学会。"

– Benjamin Franklin本杰明·富兰克林


2.无处不在的英文学习 Infiltrate English Learning into Activities


幼儿园的孩子们喜欢唱歌、玩游戏和听故事等。于是,Mr. Dan“偷偷”将英语学习带入了孩子们的日常活动中。他最享受给孩子们讲英语绘本故事的时光,“这段时间,我们在读《杰克与魔豆》的故事。每当我抬起头,看到所有孩子的目光都被我吸引住的时候,我感到非常欣慰。”

Children in early-years love song singing, game playing and story telling. So Mr. Dan “secretly” brings the idea of English learning into daily activities with children. His favorite teaching experience is the Story Time. “Recently we have covered the story, Jack and the Beanstalk. For me, it's amazing to look up and see all the children's eyes captivated on me as the reader.” Dan said.


Whether it's singing, playing games or listening to stories, these are all things children want to do. Combine English with interests, this will naturally make learning more exciting.


“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.没有学习的意愿,将学不到任何东西。”

——Leonardo Da Vinci达·芬奇


3. 让英语学习有趣起来 Make English Learning Fun



Even seemingly dry subjects can become more fun as long as the teacher is willing to make some changes. Simply using humor, character acting or body language is enough to make the learning experience more fun.

“他们不一定能完全听懂我说的英语,但是我通过转变不同角色的声音,配合丰富的面部表情和活泼的肢体语言,让孩子们仿佛身临其境,让学习有趣起来!” Mr. Dan说。

“They don't necessarily maybe understand 100% of the English that I am saying, but for me, changing the character's voice, using facial expressions, body language, really allows the children to feel like part of that storytelling experience.” Said Dan.




The love of English learning can be instilled and cultivated.


And this has long been deeply rooted in the daily work in Fettes College Guangzhou EY School.