Allen Lee


English techer of Middle School


Chinese-Canadian teacher with 5 years of teaching experience in Canada, 1 year in China. Allen graduated from McMaster University and now holds teaching qualifications certified in three provinces. He has Middle School and High School teaching experience in Canadian public school and China. Allen is a class tutor; English Language Specialist and Native speaker. He also really enjoys to coach Basketball and Volleybal|.




The Fettes College MYP Language Acquisition course has been designed with the inclusion of multi-modal texts to focus on fostering international mindedness. When I began planning and designing the course, I prioritized opportunities for my pupils to develop their critical thinking skills using a wide variety of modern sources. I aim to provide support and guidance during the initial stages of a particular task so that my pupils have a clear idea of what to expect. We will analyze, design, and interpret the assessment component of the task so enrich their understanding of lesson objectives. Along with developing a strong school curriculum, I have been able to provide excellent one-on-one instruction with small classroom sizes.




【老师说】精通四种语言,多才多艺的幼儿园班主任 | Ms Chloe Carron